Shikshangan is a brand new project of the Kolkata Society for Cultural Heritage working to improve the lives of rural people in the Hooghly district of West Bengal from the grassroots level, primarily through the tools of education and vocational training. At its outset, we are focusing on free education for children.

A majority of the residents of West Bengal live in villages, and for many of them it is difficult to meet their basic needs. Shikshangan aims to effect lasting developmental change by providing free education to rural populations and, most importantly, by training them to continue these programs themselves, eventually becoming self-sufficient.

By providing a basic education, rural people can develop the financial and social skills to improve their own living conditions, and are empowered to create effective positive changes within their own communities.

The project began in 2013 with one center and seven students. Within less than a year, we grew to two centers serving a total of seventy-five students, and is continuing to grow.

We have seen great support from their parents, and have seen incredible 98% attendance rate in the first several months alone. The adult graduates of these programs will be asked to teach the next cycle of students, thus ensuring sustainability and progress.

We are now ready to expand our services to adults, offering skill-building classes on basic hygiene, diet, and sexual health, as well as workshops on financial responsibility which will teach healthy saving, spending, and investing practices in order to ensure a stable financial future for these communities and their children. We are also participating in several initiatives that utilize traditional folk art and performance practices as a means of generating sustainable income that directly benefits the communities that create them by helping them form community-run businesses.

In only a short time, these communities have benefitted greatly from our projects and the demand for our services is growing quickly. So far, we have been able to sustain ourselves with the generous donations of several individuals and organizations.

In this next phase of development, we are excited to provide the opportunity for more people to take a part in the sustainable improvement of rural West Bengal through their financial support.



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Education for All by Shikshangan ~ India


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